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Dr. Casey Schmitz: A Chiropractic Physician located in Centennial, CO

Dr. Schmitz has a strong athletic background allowing him to specialize in treating sports injuries and use his comprehensive education to treat a wide array of neuro musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Casey Schmitz has excelled in a variety of sports throughout his lifetime, with his primary passion being hockey. With his interest sparked by his background in sports, he pursued a degree in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point. Later he continued his education, further inspired by his passion for sports and chiropractic care, at Palmer West Chiropractic College.

As a sports enthusiast, Dr. Schmitz understands what it is like to be taken out of the game by a sudden or gradual injury. No one wants to face the breakdown of their body or be sidelined by pain, but the inevitable wear and tear that an active life creates cannot be ignored. During his time playing at the junior hockey level , Dr. Schmitz realized this, and he wanted to do something about it.
Rather than simply pursue therapy himself, Dr. Schmitz wanted to learn how the body works, what treatments are best, and how athletes like himself can maintain their bodies to keep playing. Today, Dr. Schmitz is still passionate about all types of sports, and he can relate to patients who feel the same way.
Regardless of background, whether you are the weekend warrior, compete at a professional level, or compete at a youth sports level, no one wants to be limited by an injury or physical condition. As a long-time hockey player, Dr. Schmitz is intimately familiar with this feeling. When patients long to resume activity, he can relate, develop an aggressive and effective treatment plan that will speed recovery so that they can do exactly that.
By personalizing programs using any combination of rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, functional dry needling, Kinesio taping, physical therapy and chiropractic services, Dr. Casey Schmitz can help almost anyone get back in the game or back to what they enjoy doing most in life.

Dr. Casey Schmitz Chiropractor DenverToday, Dr. Casey Schmitz functions as the primary Chiropractic Physician at Denver Family Sport and Spine Clinic. By managing his small practice, he is able to connect with patients and personalize their treatments for the best possible results. His passion in sports injury based therapies allows him to relate with patients on a one-on-one level.