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Kinesio Taping Method

Dr. Casey Schmitz of Centennial’s Denver Family Sport and Spine often employs Kinesio taping to help his patients.
Kinesio taping is a therapeutic treatment that was designed to help patients treat injuries and pain between chiropractic treatments. Kinesio tape is made from breathable, latex-free elastic fibers that stretch in only one direction, which allows it to be applied to treat almost any physical ailment without severely restricting range of motion.
When applied by skillful practitioners, Kinesio taping can help support and rehabilitate injuries by lifting the skin, facilitating lymphatic drainage and relieving pain.
The Kinesio taping method dates back to Japan in 1979, and it came to America in 1995. It has since successfully aided the treatment of thousands of patients, and it can likely do the same for you.