Denver Family Sport & Spine Clinic
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At Denver Family Sport & Spine Clinic, our goal is to provide you the best patient experience possible, and to work towards an outcome that returns you the quality of life you deserve.

Have a question about our clinic, what we offer or how we can better serve you? Find an answer today by browsing Frequently Asked Questions received from patients just like you.

What types of payment do you accept?

Denver Family Sport and Spine works to accommodate the payment needs of all patients.
We accept all types of major credit cards and debit cards; this includes MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
In addition, Denver Family Sport and Spine accepts payment through health savings account (HSA) cards, cash and checks.
At this time, we are unfortunately unable to accept forms of payment apart from the aforementioned credit cards, debit cards, HSA cards, cash and checks.

Do you work with motor vehicle accident patients?

Denver Family Sport and Spine welcomes victims of motor vehicle accidents for all types of treatment. You will be given a specialized patient intake form so that we can best understand your motor vehicle accident.
Dr. Casey Schmitz will then speak with you about your accident, the injuries caused by your accident and the symptoms that you are experiencing as a result of your accident. From there, he will develop a personalized program to help you regain pre-accident functionality.

What can I expect during my first visit?

Your first visit with Denver Family Sport and Spine will begin with reviewing and filling out patient intake forms. Next, you will meet with Dr. Casey Schmitz. Together, you will go over relevant information provided in the form, and the current conditions that you are experiencing. This allows the doctor to assess your overall wellbeing.
Next, Dr. Casey Schmitz will design a personalized treatment plan, explain it to you and discuss what you can expect during recovery. Before leaving, you will typically schedule your first treatment.

How many doctors will I deal with?

Dr. Casey Schmitz of Centennial’s Denver Family Sport and Spine is the only doctor you will work with during your treatment. He functions as a solo physician, providing personal treatment to each patient.
Whether you’re in the office for exercise rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, functional dry needling, Kinesio taping, physical therapy or chiropractic services, Centennial’s own Dr. Casey Schmitz will work with you every step of the way.
The single-practitioner approach helps improve patient comfort and treatment personalization.